KIO ‘Still in Discussions’ Over Burmese Govt’s Draft Ceasefire Proposal

The draft bilateral ceasefire proposal was handed over at the end of June.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) is currently still going over the Burmese government’s draft proposal for a bilateral ceasefire agreement, according to spokesperson Col Naw Bu.

Representatives of the government’s Peace Commission reportedly gave the proposal to KIO officials in a meeting in Mongla on June 30.

“We are still discussing it… bit by bit,” Col Naw Bu told NMG, referring to the KIO’s central committee members. “I think results will come out after the meeting… results have yet to come out.”

Insiders said the Peace Commission also reportedly gave separate draft proposals for bilateral ceasefires to Northern Alliance members Arakan Army, the Kokang Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army.

“There are different situations in each EAO (ethnic armed organization). The demands and negotiations are also different,” Sam Awng, a leader within the Myitkyina-based Peace-talk Creation Group, told NMG. “The government has prepared different proposals for different EAOs. Some groups have smooth negotiations, but some groups do not. But they will wait for each other.”

The KIO, meanwhile, will continue to negotiate with the government until any future signing of a bilateral ceasefire agreement, but there are different expectations about the order of events, Col Naw Bu said.

“The KIO wants to negotiate military affairs issues with the army after the signing of a bilateral agreement. The KIO wants to sign the ceasefire agreement and start the official political dialogue process. The army and government want to discuss military affairs issues ahead of political dialogue,” he explained.

Members of the Northern Alliance met the government’s National Reconciliation and Peace Center (NRPC) in Muse, northern Shan State on April 30. At this time, the Northern Alliance members gave their own draft proposal for a bilateral ceasefire agreement to the NRPC.

The Northern Alliance and the NRPC had agreed to meet in May, but were unable to agree on a meeting venue, and a subsequent meeting or peace talks have yet to take place.