GAD Officer, Engineer Charged With Corruption in Thaton Township

Saturday, December 14, 2019

A former General Administration Department (GAD) officer and a municipal managing engineer for Thaton Township in Mon State are facing corruption charges, police officers have said.

“The anti-corruption commission opened a file at the Thaton Township police station. I heard that they misused their power on electricity distribution in Thaton,” Pol-Maj Soe Aung, who is commander of the Thaton Township police station, told NMG.

The plaintiff, he said, is Kyaw Soe Tun, who works on the anti-corruption commission in Naypyidaw, and the case was opened on December 9, citing Article 56 of the Anti-Corruption Law.

The anti-corruption commission reported on December 10 that the commission had received complaints calling on them to investigate the tender process for the construction of a four-story apartment building in the compound of the Mon State parliament, as well as the installation of 500 LED bulbs in Thaton, and the construction of a bridge in Daybarein village, also in Thaton.

The commission stated that it investigated the role of former Thaton GAD officer Thein Win—who currently works for Mabein Township’s GAD—and found that he had withdrawn 50,000,000 kyat from Mon State’s 2018 budget to buy 500 LED bulbs for electricity distribution in the township, but he had deposited the money in the GAD’s own account.

They reported that Thein Win paid 46,000,000 to the electronic company through Tin Tun, the municipal managing engineer. Thein Win then allegedly kept 2,000,000 kyat. Tin Tun signed a receipt that said he received 48,000,000 kyat, and made a financial report indicating as such.

After the complaint was filed, Thein Win reportedly paid Tin Tun 2,000,000, who received another 2,000,000 unofficially. The report by the anti-corruption commission states that they misused their power.

According to Article 56 of Burma’s Anti-Corruption Law, if the officials are found guilty, they will be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine.