Armed Forces Detain Reporter In Sagaing Region

By Network Media Group
Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Burma’s armed forces have refused to release a freelance reporter from Sagaing Region detained this week who was beaten and verbally abused during her arrest, a male relative has told NMG.

“They dragged her from the upper floor to the ground floor, beat and kicked her and demanded that she give them her phone. They shouted when arresting her,” the man said.

The family of Yin Yin Thein of Nabar village in Inndaw Township said the authorities have prevented them from seeing her since 18 November, when she was arrested after 30 armed forces turned up at her house in the morning. They confiscated her phone, laptop, video camera, tripod and motorbike.

It’s believed that the authorities arrested Yin Yin Thein because about five days before her arrest, she posted a video on Facebook of the People’s Defence Force (PDF) raiding the police camp in Nabar.

Yin Yin Thein’s reported for Monitor News Journal and Flash Journal and is a member of the Myanmar Journalists Association.

Her family dropped off food and warm clothes at the gates of the police station in Inndaw.

Since the coup on 1 February, the regime has arrested more than 120 journalists with about 38 of them still in prison on charges including incitement, unlawful association, terrorism and publishing fake news.