Authorities Announce Muse Border Pass

By Network Media Group
Saturday, January 28, 2023

The military government has unveiled a new border pass that will allow people from Muse in northern Shan State to travel to China.

Resident Htay said travellers can request the red book, as it is locally called, at the Nandaw checkpoint. To be eligible, he said that a person’s family must be registered in Muse and be tested for COVID-19.

Another local man, who requested anonymity, expects trade, which ground to a halt during the pandemic, to get a boost with the reopening of the border between the two countries, but he is also worried about an outbreak of the disease from China. “On the positive side, there will be employment opportunities and an increase in border trade. On the negative side, we fear the spread of COVID-19.”

Htay said all three checkpoints in Muse have been reopened and Burmese and Chinese officials are discussing reopening crossings in other townships in the state.

Travellers on foot can pass the Nandaw checkpoint, private cars and motorcycles are allowed through the Sinphyu checkpoint and trucks can use the Mang Weing checkpoint, all of which were closed since April of 2020 due to the spread of the virus.