Shan Youth in Waingmaw Township Throw Support Behind SNLD

By Network Media Group
Monday, November 02, 2020

After losing their rights when the National League for Democracy (NLD) was elected in the last race, Shan youth from Waingmaw Township, located in Burma’s Kachin State, said that when polls open this Sunday (November 8) they’re voting for Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD).

Sai Hseng Hpu, a Shan youth leader in Hotung ward, told NMG that after Naw Li of the NLD was appointed as a municipal minister in Kachin State. He built Manau poles at many entry points into towns and in other public areas.

“The Manau pole is a symbol for the Kachin ethnic people,” the Shan youth leader explained.

Sai Hseng Hpu told NMG he’s unhappy that the Kachin leader didn’t consult with the Shan community before erecting the poles. He wants to elect a new government that will respect the rights of all groups so the different communities can coexist. Whoever wins the election, Sai Hseng Hpu wants “equal rights for all the different ethnic groups.”

Nang Kham Mum, a resident of Waingmaw Township, told NMG she supports SNLD because it’s multi-ethnic. And there are plenty of SNLD women and youth candidates.”The party works for ethnic equality and ethnic rights without discrimination. And it’s also trying to gain self-determination. Because I like its policies, I’m voting for SNLD.”

SNLD believes “power must be in the hands of people,” Sai Hseng Hpu told NMG. “All ethnic groups must work together for the betterment of the Union. And the Union is for all the ethnic groups,” he said. “Collective leadership is very important for our country.”

If SNLD wins, Shan youths in Waingmaw Township want the party to develop the education and health sectors.

SNLD is fielding 130 electoral candidates in the upcoming race. The party is contesting 12 constituencies in Waingmaw, Mogaung, Momauk and Mansi townships, located in Kachin State.