KNU Refuses State Administration Council In Kawthoolei

By Network Media Group
Monday, March 1, 2021

Karen National Union (KNU) leaders won’t accept the imposition of the military’s State Administration Council in their controlled areas.

“We have fought against the military dictatorship for over 70 years. We have been clear about our opposition against the administration of the military government in our areas of control,” Saw Liston, secretary of KNU Brigade-6 in Dupalayar District, told NMG. “The international community opposes the military regime and so do the people of Burma.”

He said they also don’t accept the authority of the Committee Representing Parliament Hluttaw (CRPH) in their region. Lawmakers who established the committee several days after the coup on February 1 were elected under the controversial 2008 Constitution. At the same time, KNU acknowledges the committee’s existence and accepts its People’s Administrative System in areas outside of its control.

Until there’s a federal constitution, the KNU said it will administer security, health, education and other services in its controlled areas as much as possible.

Although KNU brigades 2 and 5 have released their own statements, Saw Liston said there is a consensus among the three brigades and with KNU headquarters.

Two weeks ago, the Burma Army blocked assistance to thousands of civilians affected by fighting between government soldiers and KNU in Papun and Kyauk Gyi areas of Karen State, according to Karen News. KNU were reportedly negotiating with Burma Army to allow the rations to reach the villagers.