Burma Army Attacks KIA On Strategic Mountain Base in Kachin State

By Network Media Group
Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Once again the Burma Army launched airstrikes desperately trying to retake a strategic mountaintop base that Kachin Independence Army (KIA) wrestled from it in late March.

A resident who didn’t want his name published told NMG the Burma Army have been attacking Alaw Bum with airstrikes for three days, dropping five rounds on Kachin troops on the mountain in Momauk Township on April 27 alone.

“Jet fighters are attacking KIA soldiers while Burma Army is firing artillery,” he said. At the same time, soldiers are shooting each other with small firearms around the mountain. On Monday, fighting broke out in Myo Thit, Sihek and Kong Law villages.

“Jet fighters frequently fly over our area. We hear the sounds of gunfire in Myo Thit. And we hear sounds of artillery fire every day,” said a woman in Momauk town helping villagers affected by fighting. Ten families displaced by the violence fled to the town the same day that NMG interviewed her. The woman said more people are arriving all the time. Myo Thit is about an hour by motorcycle from where fighting is happening.

Local civil society organizations (CSOs) estimate clashes in the township displaced over 5,000 civilians from at least ten villages along the Tar Pein River. They need shelters, food and emergency aid.

Despite launching multiple airstrikes since the KIA seized the mountain on March 25, Burma Army has been unable to recapture Alaw Bum.