MNDAA Fight With Burma Army Near Pang Seng

By Network Media Group
Monday, August 9, 2021

The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) claimed it killed five soldiers, including a deputy battalion and deputy company commander, during clashes with Burma Army near Pang Seng along the border last Friday, August 6.

It is impossible for NMG to confirm the BA casualties.

According to a source, civilians living next to a Chinese graveyard outside of Hpoung Seng village, about two miles from Pang Seng, in Muse District, fled to China after both sides deployed a combination of heavy and light weapons during the fighting between 11:30am to 2pm. Civilians were worried about shells landing in their villages, as happened to others during violence between the two groups a few days earlier, damaging homes in Fai Kawng and Hka Lin villages.

“I heard that the Chinese authorities refused to accept them and deported them back to Burma,” he said, explaining he didn’t see the fighting first hand because his home isn’t close to the conflict zone.

Another source reported hearing gunfire at 7pm on Friday. She said the Kachin Independence Army didn’t join the fight against BA in northern Shan State.

From August 3-4, MNDAA clashed with the military near Fai Kawng and Hka Lin, located about 5 miles from Pang Seng, causing villagers to flee over the border.