KNLA And KNDO Capture Tatmadaw Camp

By Network Media Group
Friday, September 10, 2021

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and members of a civilian group resisting junta rule captured a Burma Army (BA) camp in Karen State on Thursday 9 September.

The KNLA’s political wing, Karen National Union, reported that its soldiers and fighters from Karen National Defence Organisation (KNDO) captured the Tatmadaw camp in Kbaw Tu, which is located between KNLA Brigade 3 and 5. No casualties were reported.

According to the KNU Information Department, after capturing the camp, a BA aircraft flew over the village of Yel Mo Plaw, which is located in Mudraw District, an area in Karen State controlled by KNLA Brigade 5.

The KNU reported 217 clashes with the Tatmadaw last month. Of these, 181 were with Brigade 5, 24 with Brigade 1, 6 with Brigade 2, 4 with Brigade 6 and 2 with Brigade 3.

The capture of BA camp came just two days after the acting president of National Unity Government, Duwa Lashi La, called for a nationwide uprising against the junta on 7 September and called on ethnic armed organisations (EAOs) to take control of their regions.

Fighting between the Tatmadaw and EAOs has increased across the country since the military overthrew the democratically elected government on 1 February, before the politicians who won the 2020 election could be sworn into office. Many fled arrest to areas controlled by the KNU.

The conflict in Karen State has hit civilians particularly hard. Tens of thousands of Karen villagers have been displaced since the military council took control of the country.