NUG Calls For Boycott Of Military Companies In Burma

By Network Media Group
Thursday, November 11, 2021

The interim National Unity Government (NUG) has launched a boycott campaign against companies owned by or affiliated with the Burmese military.

In particular, Khin Ma Ma Myo, NUG’s Minister of Commerce, attacked army-owned Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited (MEHL) and Myanmar Economic Cooperation (MEC) in a statement issued by the interim government on 10 November, calling them the ”state’s terror businesses”.

“We call on everyone to boycott all products and services related to MEHL and MEC. We are taking action against them because they are funding the war crimes of the Burma Army,” the statement said. It is important to prevent the military dictatorship and its companies from profiting, and both MEHL and MEC are economic props of the military.

According to the statement, they are generating massive profits to finance the war against the people of Burma.

The United States sanctioned both companies after the 1 February coup.