Irrawaddy Women Dies Of COVID-19

By Network Media Group
Thursday, February 10, 2022

A woman from the Irrawaddy Region died of COVID-19, although she was fully vaccinated.

According to health authorities, Hla Hla Cho had received two vaccinations and a booster. The 48-year-old woman died after being taken to a hospital in Bogalay on 6 February. As far as is known, Hla Hla Cho is the first fully vaccinated person to die of the disease in the area.

Hospital staff told NMG that the woman with a heart condition was transferred from Nadi Medical Clinic to the 100-bed hospital. ”She arrived at Bogalay Public Hospital in the morning and died at noon,” a staff told NMG. Another person with COVID-19 was admitted on the same day.

A doctor said they were waiting to see if Hla Hla Cho had contracted Delta or Omicron, and urged people to follow health rules to prevent the disease. According to other staff, three men and five women are in the hospital with COVID-19.

The Irrawaddy Region Health Department has reported only 15 transmissions during the recent wave in Burma. The cases were detected in Myaung Mya, Wah Khema and Kyaung Kon townships. According to volunteer teams, hundreds of people died in the Irrawaddy Region capital, Pathein, in early 2021.