NMSP Meets With SAC In Naypyidaw

By Network Media Group
Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The New Mon State Party (NMSP) said representatives discussed a constitution for Mon State in line with federalism with regime leaders at the touted peace talks in Naypyidaw.

On Monday, the ethnic armed organisation (EAO) met with the State Administration Council (SAC) leader and army chief Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing; the second group to attend the highly contentious meeting in the capital.

Restoration Council of Shan State met last Friday with SAC.

An anonymous NMSP source told NMG that the EAO had asked SAC to be allowed to meet with all ethnic groups in the state to discuss the drafting of the constitution. Min Aung Hlaing agreed in principle, the source said, and asked the EAO to talk to the regime-appointed National Solidarity and Peace Negotiations Committee.

The NMSP delegation was led by vice-chairman Nai Aung Min, joint secretary Nai Win Hla and CEC member Nai Banyar Lel.

The SAC spokesperson has told the BBC that the Karen National Liberation Army – Peace Council, Pa-O National Liberation Organisation, Arakan Liberation Party, Democratic Karen Benevolent Army, United Wa State Party, National Democratic Alliance Army and Lahu Democratic Union (LDU) will meet with regime leaders.

None of these groups are actively fighting the regime. However, tensions between the SSPP and the Burma Army (BA) are increasing after its soldiers encircled the Shan group’s mountain camp in southern Shan State.

LDU leaders appear to be divided about attending the talks in Naypyidaw. During a recent Peace Process Steering Team meeting, some of their leaders declared that they’ll boycott the talks.

The Karen National Union, the Karen National Progressive Party and the Chin National Front have also announced that they’ll not meet with regime leaders in the capital after all the country’s People’s Defence Forces and members of the National Unity Government were excluded. The three groups have been fighting fiercely with BA within their respective areas.