Resistance Seize Key Junta Installments in Hsihseng

By Network Media Group
Monday, January 29, 2024

On Thursday morning, resistance armed forces captured the police station and a regime camp in the town of Hsihseng in the Pa-O Self-administered Zone in southern Shan State after police and soldiers had abandoned them several days earlier.

“All residents can live peacefully in our Pa-O National Liberation Army’s (PNLA) controlled territory except for thieves and other criminals,” the spokesperson explained to NMG. He mentioned that they have various military actions planned for the area but are doing their best to ensure locals can travel freely.

At midday, the PNLA and Karenni resistance groups hoisted Pa-O flags on the police station, several government offices, and the junta’s Light Infantry Battalions 423 and 424 in the town. The day before, the fighters attacked and torched several military outposts and checkpoints on the Loikaw – Hsihseng highway.

Although the groups captured all of the regime’s camps in Hsihseng, a man close to PNLA said they haven’t secured the town, as the military council is deploying fresh troops to recapture it. “Clashes have intensified, with a jet fighter flying airstrikes and dropping bombs in the town.” He remarked how it was odd that the Pa-O National Organisation/Pa-O National Army hasn’t been shooting back against resistance groups.

The group has been operating under the regime since the coup.

At least six civilians have already been killed by airstrikes in Kalar Kon, Kayan Pai, Mya Kan Tha, and Pon Lawng wards in Hsihseng, where at least 20 were injured, and over 20 homes were destroyed by bombings from January 22-25.

Residents and many internally displaced persons who originally escaped the fighting in Karenni State have fled towards Taunggyi, about 70 miles away, and to other areas to escape the recent violence. The Burma army’s Eastern Military Command Headquarters is located in the capital city of Shan State.