Regime Forces Destroy Dozens of Homes in Hsihseng Township

By Network Media Group
Monday, May 27, 2024

The Pa-O People’s Militia Force (PMF) and the Burma army are accused of destroying at least 40 homes during brutal attacks on civilian villages in the Pa-O Self-administered Zone, southern Shan State, in recent days.

Over 15,000 civilians have been uprooted by the war in Hsihseng Township that started after the regime and PMF attacked the Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA) in January.

PMF and regime forces torched 24 homes in Htee Bua (also called Yay Phyu) from May 16-18. Afraid of the soldiers, a local man said they fled to the jungle, a Buddhist monastery, or with their relatives in Taunggyi or Hsaik Hkawng.

The enemy also rained artillery shells on Nawng Kyaw and Kawng Weing from May 16-17. At least 18 homes have been destroyed after about 100 shells were fired.

According to locals, an enemy military column is now staying in Nawng Kyaw and Kawng Weing, forcing villagers to flee with little food in hand.

“Over the long term, we will definitely face food shortages,” a Nawng Kyaw man told NMG.

Troops are patrolling the surrounding areas including Kawng Weing, Nawng Kyaw, Htee Bua, and Kan Taw Lay.

Eight houses, including the home of the PNLA deputy chair, as well as a grocery shop, were burned down in Ner Hkaik village on April 20.

The Pa-O Youth Organization reported that 651 homes and buildings, including religious structures, were damaged or destroyed by airstrikes and artillery attacks between January 21 and May 18.