Mon State Govt Demands Change to Mon Revolution Day Slogan

Government officials did not approve of a banner declaring ‘From Brave Resistance to Freedom’ in the Mon language.


Friday, August 24, 2018

The Mon State government called for a meeting with the New Mon State Party (NMSP) to discuss the wording on a banner to be used on the upcoming Mon Revolution Day, leading to changes in the slogan by event organizers.

The 71stMon Revolution Day will be commemorated on August 26, and the banner in question displays the phrase “From Brave Resistance to Freedom” in the ethnic Mon language. Upon hearing this, the state government called for a meeting with the NMSP on August 20.

“They told us that these words should not be used on this day,” NMSP central committee member Nai Hongsa Von Khai told NMG, referring to members of the state government. “They asked if the NMSP was leading this Mon Revolution Day commemoration. We replied that it would be led by the people. We will also hold a commemoration in our control area.”

According to NMSP officials, if the organizers of the Revolution Day events did not remove the phrase in question, the commemoration would not be able to go forward, and legal action could be taken against them by the municipal department. Organizers conceded after speaking with the NMSP, agreeing to remove “From Brave Resistance to Freedom” from the banner.

“NMSP officers told us to take those words off of the banner if possible. It’s ok. We can take them out,” Mi Sanda Noon, a spokesperson of the commemoration’s organizing committee, told NMG. “The meaning of those words changes after it’s directly translated from the Mon language. Our message is different.”

She added, “We have held this commemoration every year. We are going to hold it peacefully.”

Last year, the Burma Army’s—also known as the Tatmadaw’s—southeastern military command headquarters and Ye Township bases in Mon State demanded that the NMSP not carry out a military parade in uniform and with military equipment on Mon Revolution Day. NMSP did not follow the order, and the Tatmadaw called a meeting with the NMSP. This year, however, Nai Hongsa Von Khai said that the Burma Army has not contacted them about the commemoration.

The Mon people demanded self-determination soon after Burma gained independence in 1948. When they did not receive it, they began the Mon armed revolution, which is commemorated through the paying of respects to Mon martyrs every year on the full moon day of the month of Wah-kawng.