Mon Merger Named ‘Mon Party’

The new name was selected after 13 options were voted on.


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

“Mon Party” has been confirmed as the name of a merger of three ethnic Mon political parties.

“The new party name was selected from 13 names. Mon people selected the new party name by voting in Mon State—the most votes went to the name ‘Mon Party,” the Mon Party’s joint secretary (2) Nai San Tin told NMG.

The All Mon Region Democracy Party (AMDP), Mon National Party (MNP) and Mon National Representative Party (MNRP) joined to form a new Mon political party and agreed in early August that they would register with the election commission after the merger had finalized.

The Mon Party’s leadership explained that they would focus on party registration after drafting the party’s principles and policies.

Nai San Tin said that an event is tentatively scheduled to take place on September 21 publicly announcing the merger and introducing the new party.

The Mon Party currently has 120 central committee members and 51 central executive committee members, according to the party’s joint secretary (1) Nai Layi Tama. The process to combine the Mon political parties began after the 2015 general elections.