ABSDF Agrees to Participate in ‘All-Inclusive Dialogue’

The dialogue would include ethnic armed organizations, the government and the military.


Monday, September 24, 2018

Attendees at the All Burma Students’ Democratic Front’s (ABSDF) 11th Conference agreed that the organization would attend a future political dialogue inclusive of ethnic armed groups, the government and the military.

The 11th Conference took place in the ABSDF’s Dawn Taman headquarters in Karen State from September 16-21. According to vice chairperson U Myo Win, ABSDF will move forward with the aim of “solving political problems through political means.” He described the organization’s three objectives as “all-inclusive political dialogue for restoring peace and national reconciliation; establishing a Constitution which grants democracy, human rights, equality and self-determination; and a process of democratic transition.”

The vice chairperson said that the ABSDF would try to “achieve those objectives under the current peace process.”

In the organization’s 10th Conference, held four years ago, the ABSDF said that they opposed Burma’s military-drafted 2008.

“It’s true that in reality that this country has the 2008 Constitution. We have tried to amend the 2008 Constitution with political action outside the Parliament,” said central executive committee member Salai Yaw Aung. “It’s already written in the NCA [Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement]. Therefore, we will try to amend the 2008 Constitution and other laws through political dialogue.”

The ABSDF concluded in this conference to focus on the dialogue path of the peace process, despite “many challenges,” according to U Myo Win.

“We are also worried about…the way to overcome the deadlock. In our opinion, top leaders from the army, government and ethnic armed organizations must meet and try to find a solution through dialogue,” he said. “We have to look out for the interests of each organization, and at the same time, we have to look out for the interests of the whole Union. If we have common ground, we can solve problems in the interest of the whole Union.”

ABSDF conference participants elected new 25 central committee members on the final day of conference. Most of top leaders were re-elected, including chairperson Than Khe, vice chairperson Myo Win and general secretary Sonny, as well as nine central executive committee members.