PDFs Target Mytel Towers In Irrawaddy Region

By Network Media Group
Wednesday, November 3, 2021

In the Irrawaddy Region, three Mytel communication towers owned by the Burmese junta were destroyed by a series of morning explosions in Nga Pu Taw Township over the weekend.

An employee of the Nga Pu Taw Township Administration Committee told NMG that no one was injured in the attack, but that the machinery and cables at the base of the towers were completely destroyed.

The first tower near Than Pat Kwin was destroyed at 7:45am on 30 October, the second near Pitauk Kon at 8am and the last near Kanaso Kon was blown up at 8:30am.

After the attacks on the towers, the armed forces sealed off the roads to the surrounding villages and started checking everyone.

”Villagers are worried about their safety because they know the police and soldiers will arrest innocent residents,” a man from Nga Pu Taw told NMG.

The Guerrilla Force and Area-14 from Nga Pu Taw Township, both groups belonging to the People’s Defence Forces (PDFs), were responsible for the attacks in the Irrawaddy Region.

About twenty Mytel towers across the country were destroyed by PDFs who formed after the coup to overthrow the dictatorship. The damage from the attacks on the towers, each costing between 150 and 200 million kyat, was estimated at 4,000 million kyat ($222,000).