Burma Army Launches Airstrikes On MNDAA Camps In Northern Shan State

By Network Media Group
Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Fighting intensified last week between the Burma Army (BA) and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) in northern Shan State, just a day after military leaders met with the armed group and other members of a ethnic committee in Mongla in the eastern state.

On 16 December, BA attacked two MNDAA camps with two fighter jets and artillery in Lashio Township. According to a Nok Gok resident, the military fired ”many shells” at the ethnic armed group’s camp in the mountains, some of which hit surrounding villages. A school in Mae Han was partially damaged by the shelling. Villagers hid from the fighting but stayed in the area. Violence has subsided, but residents continue to live cautiously.

On 15 December, the military also shelled the MNDAA’s Mang Yang camp on the western side of the Salween River with artillery from its bases in Lon Kham and on Mount Tar Hey. Later, ground troops fired small arms at the Kokang soldiers.

According to the MNDAA, the military fired a total of 70 artillery shells at their camps on Kyekya and Hlaing Shein mountains.