KIO Will Stop Sale Of Junta Beer In Myitkyina District

By Network Media Group
Thursday, January 6, 2022

The leaders of the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO) in Myitkyina District have banned the sale and transport of junta-produced beer such as Myanmar, Dagon and ABC and promised to take action against violators without giving specific details, except that vehicles transporting the beer will be confiscated.

KIO spokesman Col Naw Bu said the order, which takes effect on 10 January, applies to Myitkyna District in Kachin State.”It does not cover all of KIO ‘s territory; the KIO in (Myitkyina District) are stopping these junta products in their controlled area,” he said.

The measure applies to bars, KTV establishments, restaurants and bans the transport of the products between Myitkyina, Putao and Tanai. It remains to be seen how KIO will prevent the sale of these products in regime-controlled areas of the district.

According to the KIO spokesperson, Kachin leaders of Brigade 1 in Putao District banned the sale and transport of the beers last March after the protest movement launched a boycott campaign against the junta and its crony companies.