Regime Arms Civilians In Magwe Region

By Network Media Group
Thursday, January 6, 2022

The regime is training some villagers in Kanma Township in Magwe Region and arming them to fight with civilian resistance groups in the area.

“They are training people from Kanyindai, Tawng Sagai, Kansu and Kai Htawng village tracts but not from Lelukon because they do not trust them,” a local told NMG. He said it’s taking place in the compound of a Buddhist monastery.

A forty-year-old man said it’s also happening in pro-military villages of Tawng Chaung, Putsu and Nyaung Pinkwin, where residents have to provide them with food and the Buddhist monks living there are also lending their support.

Although most people in Kanma Township are behind the democracy movement, there are some who are with the regime and the Burma Army want to use them to fight with other civilians.