Regime Orders SSPP To Withdraw From Southern Shan State Camps

By Network Media Group
Friday, June 10, 2022

The regime has asked the Shan State Progress Party (SSPP) to leave its camps in southern Shan State as the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) is allegedly preparing to attack its rival group. The SSPP has refused to leave and vowed to fight the Burma Army (BA) and RCSS should they launch an offensive.

An SSPP officer stated on the SSPP Info Facebook page that “the camps are an integral part of maintaining the security of our headquarters. Our SSPP troops have engaged with the RCSS around Sanin Mountain and we can start fighting at any time. That’s why they (BA) want to make a problem with us”.

Last week, the National Solidarity and Peace Negotiation Committee called on the SSPP to withdraw from its three military camps in Monghsu Township by 10 June.

According to SSPP, it established the three camps over a decade ago and has no intention of abandoning them now.

After a meeting for so-called peace talks with the regime leaders in Naypyidaw, the RCSS started to mobilise its troops to attack the SSPP.

BA Infantry Battalion (IB) 249 has been sent to the Loi Nai area, IB 153 is deployed in the 9 Mile and 7 Mile areas, IB 296 is in Huay Lon and Huay Lut and IB 99 was seen in the Nam Pa Lam area. All these locations are near the SSPP camps.

The SSPP suspects that the first attacks by BA and RCSS will be at the foot of Sanin Mountain in Pinlon (Panglong) township, Loilem District, where tensions have been high since April.

The SSPP camps are located at Loi Noi Junction (ME -370317), near Mang Weing (ME -403331) and in Mang Weing village (ME -419336) in Monghsu Township.