Burma Army Drives Into Yangon Protest

By Network Media Group
Tuesday, August 2, 2022

A Japanese national is among three youths arrested after the Burma Army (BA) drove a vehicle into protesters in Yangon’s southern Dagon Myothit Township.

According to an eyewitness who requested anonymity, the other protesters escaped on Myeik Road.

The Japanese embassy in Yangon told AFP that Toru Kobota, a 26-year-old documentary film director, had been arrested on Saturday 30 July.

Other news sources from Yangon reported an explosion near Yangon City Hall and security forces arresting youths in the area.

Locals told NMG that soldiers from a military factory were withdrawn from their posts to provide security in the streets of the commercial capital.

“The BA has created many front lines and that is why there are not enough soldiers,” a pensioner, who asked not to be named, told NMG.

According to protest group ‘Yangon Drone’, the army drove a Toyota Probox into the protesters and arrested Toru Kobota, a woman and a man, seizing a camera and a banner.