Mon Merger Receives Official Permission to Form Political Party

The Mon Unity Party receives a letter from the UEC allowing them to register as a political party.


Monday, May 20, 2019

The Union Election Commission (UEC) gave the Mon Unity Party (MUP) permission to officially form as a political party and will soon register as such, according to party officials.

“We got a permission letter from the UEC on May 17… to merge political parties and form a political party. We are going to register the Mon Unity Party with the UEC in the coming week. We are already prepared for it,” Nai San Tin, Joint Secretary (2) of MUP, told NMG.

The political party’s leaders initially tried to apply for registration as the “Mon Party” but the UEC rejected it, leading to the change to MUP.

Nai San Tin explained that they applied to form the political party with the UEC in December of last year after successfully merging two existing Mon political parties, the All Mon Region Democracy Party (AMDP) and the Mon National Party (MNP). Later, the Mon Representative Party joined, too.

According to regulations regarding party registration, MUP must first elect its leader and deputy leaders then register with the UEC within 30 days.

The newly merged MUP is formed of 140 central committee members including 59 central executive committee members, four chairs and six secretaries.

Party leaders say that a path is open for Mon women, youth and other political groups to join them.

Similarly, the Kachin State People’s Party (KSPP), formed of three Kachin political parties, has been allowed to form in Kachin State. According to KSPP leaders, they will introduce the KSPP publicly at the end of May.

Ethnic political parties looking forward to winning in 2020 general elections in their respective ethnic areas decided to merge.