Ta’ang Party Calls For Inclusive Political Dialogue, End to Fighting

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Ta’ang National Party (TNP) has released a seven-point statement aimed to reduce fighting in northern Shan State and start an inclusive dialogue process.

The statement followed the TNP’s second conference, held in Namhsan town from December 26-29. Clashes between the Burma Army and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army in northern Shan State and the Arakan Army in Rakhine and Chin states have been intensifying, which is why conference participants said they focused discussions around the conflict.

“Concerning the issue of peace, we have called for all-inclusive participation in the peace process. It will be really difficult to start a political dialogue if we cannot narrow the military’s role and reduce the military’s activities. Therefore, we have demanded that the military [do this] and start political dialogue,” Tar Mai Ohn Khaing, the general secretary of the TNP, told NMG.

According to Tar Mai Ohn Khaing, Burma’s upcoming election in 2020 marks a need for fighting in the country to stop.

“There is no regional stability in our area. We expect to hold general elections in 2020. Therefore, we call for the restoration of peace in our region,” he told NMG.

The TNP’s statement on December 29 calls for a ceasefire to be declared as soon as possible, a political dialogue initiated, along with the restoration of genuine peace and justice through a political solution that is all-inclusive.

The party also called on the military to decrease militarization and for the “boundaries” for political dialogue to be broadened, for the controversial 2008 Constitution to be changed, a federal democratic Union established, and the fulfillment of a 30 percent quota of women’s participation in policymaking.

Some 61 central committee members, 51 central executive committee members were democratically elected in the TNP conference. The conference also approved nine party implementation tasks and recorded three further points.

A total of 193 representatives from 12 townships attended the 2nd TNP conference.