Youth Network Encourages Entrepreneurship in Kachin State

Monday, January 20, 2020

The Kachin National Youth Network organized a series of talks on entrepreneurship in Myitkyina on Saturday, to encourage young people to create their own work in a job market that leaves many unemployed.

Event organizer Labang Nu Nu Awng said that the hope is that youth will gain better knowledge of economics, the market, and pursue work that benefits their families and Kachin State.

“Youth have good knowledge. In practice, they can implement it… [but] they don’t have capital,” she said. “We want to let them know how they can start their own business with an excellent idea, even if they don’t have financial resources. So we organized this event.”

Seng Nwe Awng, the operations director of Lusha Foods, said that businesspeople want young people to realize that starting their own projects is an option for them and that this was the catalyst for holding the event on January 18.

“Even though youth want to start their own businesses, they don’t know how they can do it. This situation may be a platform for them. Therefore, we organize this event,” Seng Nwe Awng told NMG.

Event organizers said that they would try to hold another round of business talks in the future.