Myohla PDF Attacks Carrier Ships Between Kachin State And Sagaing Region

By Network Media Group
Friday, March 25, 2022

The Myohla People’s Defence Force (PDF) attacked two Burma Army (BA) ships carrying food and troops with landmines on the Irrawaddy River between Sagaing Region and Kachin State.

According to an officer of the Myohla PDF, at least two BA soldiers were killed and at least five seriously injured when they attacked the ships carrying 50 soldiers with eight landmines. ”They suffered a lot,” he said. The river vessels were on their way from Kyaung Kon to Chaung Wa when the PDF, led by Lt Moe Joe, attacked them at 6am on 23 March.

Additionally, Myohla PDF fighters led by Lt Sanay also attacked two military vessels near Kyauk Gyi carrying food from Shwegu town in Kachin State with 79 mm mortars and assault rifles on 23 March. The officer told the NMG that they knew the ships would leave Bhamo on 22 March allowing them to coordinate the attack after they pulled out of Shwegu the following day. He said that no one from his side suffered any casualties.

The PDF and Kachin Independence Army have frequently attacked BA ships carrying troops, rations and military equipment on the Irrawaddy River in Katha Township in Sagaing Region and Shwegu and Bhamo townships in Kachin State.

Katha Town in the township of the same name inspired the fictional novel ‘Burmese Days’. The British writer George Orwell, whose real name is Eric Arthur Blair, lived in Katha when he worked as a policeman during the colonial period.