Regime Torches Villages In Magwe Region

By Network Media Group
Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The regime’s forces attacked Yay Yar village for the fourth time, burning down some of the houses of the village in Yesagyo Township, where some 700 people had sought refuge after fleeing earlier attacks by the junta on neighbouring villages during its war against resistance groups in Magwe Region.

A local, who asked that his name not be published for fear of reprisals, told NMG that four Burma Army (BA) columns were stationed in the township and some went from village to village burning people’s houses. All the residents of Yay Yar and a nearby village fled before the troops arrived and burned down at least three houses on 14-15 September.

“Nearly 700 internally displaced persons (IDPs) had sought refuge in the village and we cooked them dinner last night. But the next morning, when we heard that a column of the Burma Army was on its way, everyone fled.”

Before arriving in Yay Yar, the IDPs fled from Nga Tayaw, Nan Oo, Htan Taw, Wah Boe and three other villages.

Four columns have been deployed as part of the regime’s offensive in the region. One burnt down houses in Yay Lae Kyun on 5 September. A second anonymous source has informed NMG that the other four are in Min, Wah Boe and Kan Oo and that all residents have fled these villages.

According to Yesagyo Information, the BA committed arson attacks in Myit Thar, Thint Thi, Myae Taw, Besap Kon, Mee Lawng Kyun, Chan Yar, Kyauk Hpu and Mipha Yar in the first half of September. Thousands of people were forced to flee from the invading government soldiers, but the civilian watchdog group could not say how many houses were burnt down.