Military Council Kills Three Villagers in Sagaing Division

By Network Media Group
Thursday, September 7, 2023

Troops from the ruling Military Council in Burma have reportedly killed three civilians, including a teenager, and disposed of their bodies in the water in Sagaing Division.

“Soldiers shot the three people as they were attempting to flee. They were ordinary villagers,” an anonymous source from the Kyun Hla – Kantbalu Activists Group informed NMG.

The deceased villagers are U Kan Tun (60) from Inn Taw Pouk, Ko Kaung Myat (25) from Phalan Chai, and Maung Ye Min (19) from Yin Khat Kon.

The villagers were killed in Thayet Khaung, located in Kantbalu Township, by a 150-member military unit from Light Infantry Battalion 361 and the Pyusawhtee People’s Militia Force, at 2 am on August 30, as the source stated. They also set homes on fire during the third attack on the village. From May to April, the same unit also set fire to and ransacked homes in Zee Kon and Htan Kon, torching five homes and three structures in a school compound.

During their campaign of terror, the soldiers have targeted more than 14 villages in the township, displacing over 20,000 residents from their homes. The activists’ group has reported the displaced civilians urgently need medicine, food, and tarpaulins to provide shelter from the rain.