Civilians Fleeing Conflict in Muse Need Aid

By Network Media Group
Monday, September 11, 2023

Over 1,000 civilians fleeing the conflict between the Military Council and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) who have sought refuge in the town of Muse, situated along the Chinese border in northern Shan State, need emergency support.

“Currently, they have some food, but it’s insufficient, and they still require more,” stated an anonymous volunteer, adding that while donors provide clothing for women, men have received none. For instance, some require an extra longyi for bathing after fleeing the violence with nothing.

In total, 1,110 people are sheltering in the town: 230 in Ho Ner, 160 in Suan Hsaw, 290 in Mang Kang, and 430 in Nam San, also known as Tong Kwan. Others are staying with relatives or in Nam Kham town. All of them fled from Sel Lant, Nam Kert, and Mong Sap villages in Muse Township, starting on 29 August.

According to the TNLA, 24 clashes occurred in Muse Township and Kutkai townships from August until 1 September. Although fighting has subsided in Muse Township, armed groups are still engaged, and the Burma army is shelling the area, preventing villagers from returning home.

“We still hear the sound of artillery shelling in their village areas,” explained another anonymous volunteer, stating that villagers are hiding in the jungle and still need assistance. Plans to provide food and other supplies are underway, he said.