Mon State Govt Reveals Budget Plan

The state says it is prioritizing transportation, electricity access and urban and rural development during the 2018-2019 fiscal year.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Representatives of the Mon State government outlined their budget for the coming financial year on Monday, including their spending plan.

Among the priorities for the state’s funds are the improvement of transportation, electricity access and both rural and urban development.

In figures published in a financial report after a press conference on Monday, the state announced that it hopes to earn nearly 24.3 billion kyats (US$15.3 million) in the 2018-2019 year, but the government will spend almost 104 billion kyats ($65.4 million). The budget deficit of 79.7 billion kyats ($50.1 million) will need to be provided by the Union government, minister for planning, finance, immigration and population U Wunna Kyaw said.

The financial report was made public in order to demonstrate openness from the state administration, according to deputy speaker of the Mon State parliament U Aung Naing Oo.

“This action was taken to show the accountability and transparency of the government. I hope people will understand and follow it,” he said.

U Wunna Kyaw added that it illustrates in detail how the state’s money is spent, and that if people would like further information they can inquire within the state’s budget department.

“The aim of this financial report is let people clearly know how the funds are managed. We will work hard for the development of the state and for the interests of our people through the expansion of the budget in the coming financial year,” U Wunna Kyaw said.

An outstanding issue is that of taxation. The public reportedly has suggested that the government take systematic measures to educate people about tax systems.

Mawlamyine local U Hla Thein backed this call, telling NMG that it was the state administration’s responsibility to better clarify taxation procedures.

“People still have a very weak understanding about matters concerning taxation. Some people want to pay their taxes but they don’t know what the payment process is,” he explained. “The respective department must provide education about taxation matters. The Mon State government should work to increase the state budget by earning more money from taxation.”