Election Commission Rejects Name ‘Mon Party’

The UEC reportedly said that the name left no room for another ethnic Mon political party to form.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Following a disagreement with the Union Election Commission (UEC), leaders of the newly-formed Mon Party will re-register their party as the Mon United Party, Associate Secretary (2) Nai San Tin told NMG.

The Mon Party asked for permission from the UEC on November 20 to merge existing ethnic Mon political parties and create the Mon Party. However, on December 11, UEC officials reportedly told party representatives that the party’s name needed to be changed, saying that it left little room for any other ethnic Mon party to form.

“If the name ‘Mon Party’ is allowed, and if youth or other people want to set up a political party, it means the party won’t represent the Mon ethnic group. That’s why the UEC decided not to allow the name ‘Mon Party’ and demanded we change to a new name for our party,” secretary Nai San Tin told NMG.

According to Nai San Tin, the name Mon Party will be replaced with Mon United Party and will register again with the UEC.

The Mon Party was formed after merging the All Mon Regions Democracy Party, the Mon National Party, and the Mon National Representative Party and was officially introduced to the public on September 21.

The party currently has 140 central committee members: 120 from political parties and 20 from civil society organizations. It also has 59 central executive committee members, four chairpersons, and six secretaries.

The Mon Party will reportedly try to persuade other Mon political forces to join them.