NCA Signatory EAOs Meet in Chiang Mai

The meeting was reportedly to overcome deadlock in talks with the government, Burma Army, and other EAOs.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

In an attempt to overcome the deadlock in peace talks between government, army and ethnic armed organizations (EAOs), armed groups signatory to Burma’s Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) met in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on Friday.

The meeting, which will last three days, will include discussions on military affairs, issues related to the ceasefire’s Joint Monitoring Committee, and implementation of agreed points during the current interim period.

NMG reached out to various EAO leaders for comment, but received no response.

Representatives from the Karen National Union (KNU) reportedly did not attend the meeting.

The first such meeting between NCA-signatory EAOs was held on June 5 and was also focused on overcoming deadlocked issues. Friday’s meeting marked the second such occasion.

Inside sources report that EAO leaders expect to establish common ground on the implementation of the NCA and to strengthen bilateral agreements.

The EAOs formed two working groups in a summit on May 18 one to negotiate with the government, and one to negotiate with non-signatory EAOs on inclusivity.

Results from the current meeting will be sent to the peace process steering team, also known as PPST.

The signatory EAOs include the KNU, All Burma Students Democratic Front, Arakan Liberation Party, Chin National Front, Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, Karen National Liberation Army/Peace Council, Lahu Democratic Union, New Mon State Party, Pa-O National Liberation Organization and the Restoration Council of Shan State.